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Céleste 2022 AOC Vully (70cl)

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Discover Céleste, a heavenly blend of Pinot Gris and Chasselas. Sporting a slightly orange-yellow hue, this wine unveils an enchanting bouquet of white flowers, pear, lychee, and lemon. On the palate, its straightforward, tonic, and lively character blends beautifully with a fine delicacy and perfect balance, leaving a pleasant persistent length with lemony and mineral notes in the finish.

The food-wine pairings range from grilled seafood to herb-roasted chicken, including fresh goat cheese, a summer vegetable quinoa salad, and even a pear and Roquefort tart. To fully appreciate its nuances, serve Céleste chilled, at an ideal temperature of 8 to 10°C, thus revealing all its aromatic richness without wrapping it in cold. A heavenly tasting experience awaits you.

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CB / Twint
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A Heavenly Blend
Céleste is a harmonious blend of Pinot Gris and Chasselas. It’s a wine with a slightly orange-yellow hue, with an intense nose of white flowers, pear, lychee, and lemon. On the palate, it is straightforward, tonic, lively, and delicate, offering a nice balance and a beautiful length. It has a persistent, lemony finish, but also mineral.

Food-wine pairings

  • Grilled seafood
  • Roast chicken with herbs
  • Fresh goat cheese
  • Summer vegetable quinoa salad
  • Pear and Roquefort tart

Serving tip

Like most white wines, Céleste is best when served chilled, but not too cold to mask its aromas. A serving temperature of 8 to 10°C is ideal.

History of the grape varieties

Pinot Gris is a white grape variety that is actually a mutation of Pinot Noir. It originates from Burgundy, France, but is now grown in many wine regions around the world. It produces wines that can range from sweet to dry, and which are often rich in fruit aromas such as pears, apples, and peaches.

Chasselas is the most cultivated white grape variety in Switzerland. It is particularly appreciated for its ability to express the terroir on which it is grown. Chasselas wines are usually dry, light, and delicate, with subtle aromas of fruit and flowers.

Why this whimsical name?

In Greek mythology, the term “Céleste” usually refers to everything from the domain of the gods, the sky, and the universe beyond the earth. Celestial beings are often associated with divinity, immortality, and power.

An interesting parallel can be made with Astraea, the goddess of justice, innocence, and purity. Astraea was known to be the last of the immortals to live among humans during the Golden Age of man. When humanity became corrupt, she withdrew to the sky and became the Virgo constellation.

By naming our wine “Céleste”, we evoke a divine, pure, and precious quality. This can be interpreted as a reference to the purity of the ingredients we use, the integrity of our organic winemaking process, or the transcendent experience of tasting a high-quality wine. Moreover, the blend of Pinot Gris and Chasselas could be seen as a harmonious union of two distinct elements to create something new and beautiful, just like stars form constellations in the sky.



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